Count down to Christmas with Cthulhu

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You know those advent calendars, where each day you open a little box to find a little chocolate to make counting down to Christmas day that little bit more bearable?

Well, Red Wasp has produced perhaps the most interesting iPad advent calendar ever. Cthulhu Christmas Calender, is available for download now, but it’s not going to do much until December 1.

On December 1 you’ll start getting new pictures every day, with a new quiz question about H.P Lovecraft’s horror/ sci-fi universe. At the end (Christmas day) the Calender will tell you how much you know about the mythos.

Red Wasp know their Lovecraft stuff; they’re behind the upcoming tactical RPG Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, and this little app is of high quality.

So help out the indie developers with some Christmas cheer; and enjoy counting down to Christmas with Cthulhu!

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