Trailer: Matrix Games and Slitherine grab publishing rights to Unity of Command

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Hardcore strategy specialists, Matrix Games and partner, Slitherine, have picked up publishing rights to promising WWII sim, Unity of Command.

This game is designed to be an accessible strategy game, in the vein of Panzer General. With 20 scenarios and the ability to fight on the side of both the Axis and Soviets, the game also features a sophisticated weather model (which drills down to a per-hex basis), aggressive AI that has the smarts to threaten supply lines, moddable content and online multiplayer.

The new trailer below certainly carries with it that lovely top-down, all-encompassing strategic view we all know and love:

Looks good to us. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to get our teeth into a meaty new strategy game, so November can’t roll around fast enough.

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