Stardash, a game inspired by the prospect of Nintendo on mobile devices

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What would it be like if Nintendo developed games for the App Store and Android Market? We may never know, but the developers over at Orange Pixel were inspired by internet talk and decided to find out for themselves. Their latest release has been constructed with heavy influence from Nintendo’s Game Boy. Titled Stardash, the game will deliver retro side-scrolling action in grey and black, complete with classic sound effects. 

From Orange Pixel’s blog:

“In short, this is the game I came up with after the internet-talks that Nintendo should create games for Android and iOS devices. 

Using gameboy style graphics and sounds for extra memories of old-school running and jumping. It’s a little experiment to see if I could create such a game in the way the big N would do it. A lot of care has been put in the level-design and the simplicity of it all.”

Upon release, the game will offer three worlds with nine levels and unlockable temples, with more stages coming later via updates.
It’s an interesting prospect, to say the least. Stardash will be released on Android and the App Store come September 22. We’ll have to see whether or not the game lives up to expectations. 

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