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As new games become more sophisticated and complex, older games have to keep re-inventing themselves with new challenges and goals to provide competition. bejeweled-style games have been around for some time now, so they face this challenge of being made to re-invent themselves as well. Here is where Jewels Deluxe comes in. A free download for Android, this game gives you the traditional bejeweled experience along with new takes on the classic.

The game comes with five different modes: Classic, Task Mode, Clone Attack, Challenge, and Puzzle. They each provide you with a different goal to achieve success.

Classic is a simple race against the clock. You match the jewels and level up, trying to survive as long as you can.

Task Mode requires you to collect a specified quota of each colour of jewel. For example, on level one you must collect three jewels of each colour to finish the stage.

Clone Attack requires you to create a specific shape of a certain colour. Shapes start off easy such as a straight vertical line of three, but then gradually become more difficult. Later levels give you the challenge of creating L-shapes and even more complex shapes.

Challenge will produce special coins in place of jewels that you must allow to fall to the bottom of the screen without destroying them.

Puzzle is a pre-determined layout of jewels that have to be destroyed in a specific way in order to have none remaining. This mode is all about finesse and trial and error.

This mix of different game modes means that you get a lot more playability out of it than your classic bejeweled-style game. The controls are simple: swipe to swap, or tap and swipe. The sounds and music are typically irritating; I have yet to find a puzzle game that I would rather listen to the sounds and music in game than other music stored on my phone. The backgrounds are pleasant enough but you don’t really notice them when you are furiously racing against the clock.

If you like your puzzle games with a bit of variety, you will love Jewels Deluxe and you should get plenty of mileage out of it. The inbuilt save feature for each play mode makes it easy to pause and come back to, even if you just feel like swapping to a different mode.

-Aidan B

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