Digitally Downloaded August special: the must-have games of the year (so far)

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For this month’s issue of the Digitally Downloaded magazine, we thought we’d do something a little special: we’ve listed all of our favourite games of the year so far, and compiled them into one massive, 80-page buyer’s guide for you!

There’s 39 games fully reviewed in the magazine, across the PSN, XBLA, iOS, PC and Nintendo consoles’ download services.

You can read it here: Digitally Downloaded August Edition

Interested to see what the top five are? We didn’t rank the games below the top five, but to whet your appetite:

1) Portal 2
2) From Dust
3) Limbo
4) King Arthur: The Roleplaying Wargame Collection
5) Groove Coaster

Have a read and tell us what you think; what have been some of your favourite downloadable games to date?

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  • Quality list. Portal 2 is awesome, and so is Limbo. I have, but have not yet played, King Arther. From Dust and Bastion both look interesting to me.

  • Very cool magazine! I'll be checking it out when I get a chance soon. I haven't heard of most of those games which is good as they'll be something new to review.

    Portal 2 – exactly, how could it not be #1? I've been anxiously waiting for #2 ever since I finished the first in mid 2010.

    Limbo has been demoed and will definitely be purchased at some point as well.

    (ps: thanks for the blog linkage. just noticed it today)

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