XBLA Gets Smacked by Lucha Fury

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Four masked luchadores take on the gods to get back their energy drinks in… wait… what?

Edit: Just found out this isn’t available in all territories yet so your millage may vary at the moment.
To put it mildly, the XBLA beat’em up Lucha Fury from Puncher’s Impact is a weird game.

In the world of Lucha Fury, the lost, ancient recipe for Pollojo, the nectar of the gods, is discovered by a struggling bar owner, who turns it into a highly successful energy drink. The gods, however, are not so happy about humans stealing their drink, and they set out to reclaim what is theirs – destroying humanity in the process. Four masked luchadores, having never accomplished much of anything in the past, suddenly find themselves without Pollojo and are sparked into battle to take down the old gods and return with their precious energy drink, possibly saving the world along the way.

 So… yeah… Lucha Fury has four playable characters, each with their own move sets (and lots of wrestling holds to supplement the punchy-kicky), and supports four player co-op. Sounds kind of like Final Fight meets Saturday Night Slammasters. If it’s anything like either of those classics, this might be one to watch.

Check it out now for 800mspts.

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