Magic the Gathering and Shuggy Available Now on LIVE

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LIVE Arcade just got a pair of new releases; Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Plainswalkers 2012 and… Shuggy?

Magic is still around huh? Wow, I still remember ’90s era comic book shops deluged with kids swapping cards and ‘battling’ with their decks. I also remember it being painfully annoying to have to reach over said children to grab the comics I wanted… but I digress, because the newest incarnation of Plainswalkers is here on the XBLA for all you closet card battlers to download from the privacy of your homes: 800mspts

Also up this week is something called ‘Adventures of Shuggy’. What is a ‘Shuggy’? I don’t know.

Apparently you play as a cute little… something… that’s Shuggy, who must reclaim a castle he’s inherited (why can’t this ever happen to me) from “goblins, ghouls, zombies, and robots”. Check that last thought- maybe I don’t want the castle after all: 800mspts

Hmmmm… Where do the robots fit in?

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