Xbox LIVE deal(s) of the Week

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If you’re a Bethesda fan, then you’re in luck this week because the deals are ripe on the LIVE vine. There’s Fallout, Oblivion, and even some Avatar gear to be had.

It’s a pity there’s no New Vegas DLC here, but Fallout 3 is still played by so many (as is Oblivion- now that game has serious legs) that it’s still a pretty decent selection-

Fallout 3

  • Mothership Zeta – 400pts
  • Broken Steel – 400pts
  • Operation Anchorage – 400pts

The Elder Scroll IV: Oblivion

  • Horse Armor Pack – 100pts
  • Knights of the Nine – 400pts
  • The Shivering Isles – 1200pts

Avatar Gear

  • Vault 101 Jumpsuit – 120pts
  • Vault boy head – 80pts

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