Trials HD Reaches 2 Million Downloads

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In the time that its been available, Trials HD and all of its DLC added together have reached up and over the two million download plateau. Pretty impressive for a dirt biking game.

“It’s been a little more than a year and a half since Trials HD was released,” said CEO of RedLynx, Tero Virtala. “For a digitally downloaded game, this is a significant milestone, and shows one of the many ways the digital space is quickly growing and the industry itself is changing and evolving.”

We couldn’t have said it any better Tero.

Based on a mix of riding and puzzle solving, Trials HD (actually the latest in a line of games from developer redlynx) took the Xbox LIVE world by storm. So much so that it’s even been included in a ‘best of’ package available at bricks-and-mortar retailers everywhere.

What’s next for the franchise? Creative Director, Antti Ilvessuo, isn’t talking;

“Whatever the future holds remains to be seen, but currently we have six teams working on six games, so I can guarantee there are other great RedLynx games in the works.”

Keep ’em coming guys.

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