Shadows of the Damned and Alice Madness Returns Sydney event (pics and video)

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EA is publishing two very big games within a short time frame of one another – American McGee’s Alice Madness Returns, and maverick Suda 51’s descent into hell, Shadows of the Damned. To celebrate, the publisher threw a party to show off both games to the Australian media.

Below are some photos and videos from the event. EA certainly kept us very busy with two awesome games to play, and two true celebrities from the industry to interview. Keep a close eye on the Website for previews of both games in the near future, and the next edition of our magazine for the full wrap up.

But rest assured, both these games are creative highlights for 2011. Time will tell whether these games hit the same lofty heights as 2011’s other highlights so far – LA Noire and Portal 2, but either way, most of us are in for a very busy June. 
(note: The video includes presentations from both Suda 51 and American McGee.)

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