Preview: Dofus Battles (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

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From the makers of the epic manga/ anime stylized turn based strategy MMORPG’s Dofus, Dofus
Arena and Wakfu comes a new spin off game called Dofus Battles exclusive to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad iOS systems.

What is Dofus Battles?

Dofus Battles is a captivating, high octane combination of the elements of RPG, Tower Defence, and Real Time Strategy set in the World of Twelve.

Dofus Battles features all twelve of your favorite classic Twelve classes including Cra, Iop, Sra, Xelor, Ecaflip’s Coin, Enutrof’s Fingers, Feca, Pandawa, Sadida, Eniripsa, Osamodas and last but not lest is the boisterous Sacrier.

In Dofus Battles you’re in charge of a Dragon along with one disciple from each of the Twelve Classes. Each class possesses its own diversely unique spell and in turn your characters grow and level up as the game progresses. You’ll also be able to customize your heroes with diverse equips all the way from the glowing blue blade of Raziel to the Court Jester-esque Chee Cape.

What’s the Squak?

In Dofus Battles you’ll journey across the cold tundra of the Frigost, hack and slash your way about the taverns and shops of Astrub, trick yourself out in Bonta and cast spells in Brakmar. The aim of the game is to prevent Jeff Stobbs and the evil entity of Naz T Peasawerk from taking over Krosmoz. In order to quell this new wickedness you’ll have to put down monstrous creatures from the deepest and darkest caverns of the World of Twelve.

Dofus Battles goes live in the Apple App Store on May 13. 
– Ryan Sinclair

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