Frozen Synapse: ice cool looking tactical strategy game

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Frozen Synapse, to be published by Matrix Games is yet another really cool looking tactical game from the publisher, with a funky Lasertag vibe and a skirmish and multiplayer focus.

The game offers up a simultaneous turn-based style of strategy – both you and your opponent plans out their turn at the same time. After both hit ‘execute’ – both turns play out at the same time. This means you need to be on your toes and predicting what the opponent does before they do it.

Matrix promises a wide range of different strategy are possible – from blasting holes in walls right through to playing sneaky with snipers.

This style does work better in multiplayer, and luckily Matrix is offering a range of multiplayer game modes, as well as plenty of social elements – victories can be exported to YouTube and there’s a Global Ranking system in place.

I’m still not sure whether this game will be a hardcore or more casual game from Matrix, but it interests me nonetheless. Stay tuned for more as this game’s release draws closer.

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