Review: Look Again! (iPhone)

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Look Again! takes one of the simplest IQ-test style puzzles, and builds an entire game around it. And, while it’s a remarkably well-made game for such a simple idea, a lack of breadth of content will mean it’s not for everyone.

An acquired taste

In simple terms – Look Again! takes two images at random, and mashes them together, displaying the new image in the centre of the playing field. You’ll then have to figure out which two shapes they are, from a selection of 12 arrayed around the central image. You’ll need to do this three times within a short time frame per “level” to complete it and move to the next one.

It all starts easily enough – the images you have to choose from are straight forward, and set out on the playing field in easy manner. But that doesn’t last long. Within a few levels, the images will start moving around the playing field, making it more difficult to identify individual shapes. Then the images will be covered, meaning you have to tap each one to flip it over and see if it’s the right one. All this time, the pictures are becoming more complex, making it harder to tell the difference between the two.

This game will last you a long while

Much later on, you’ll have to deal with three images spliced together, not two. It gets very difficult. There is an incredible mass of levels to choose from, so assuming this is your cup of tea you will get a lot out of it.

There’s also Game Center compatibility for achievements and leaderboards, so you can show off how smart you are to your friends. Earning high scores is especially addictive, and can become quite time consuming.

But, while the presentation is nice, and there is a certain satisfaction in getting through the more difficult levels, Look Again! remains a one trick pony. A good trick, but you know you’re in trouble when Angry Birds offer more content.

If you are the kind of person that gets a kick out of IQ tests and puzzles, this is a must have. Everyone else will be left wondering what the point is.

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