Stickmen Studios announces third WiiWare game to hit January 17

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Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time is an awkward title, but it’s the third game from New Zealand based developer and publisher, Stickmen Studios, to get a WiiWare release, and this one is coming on January 17.

Mind you, Stickmen Studios has been critically panned for its previous two games – Dragon Caster and Kung Fu Funk were not the most well-received titles on Nintendo’s download platform.

That being said, Doc Clock looks the part. As you can tell from the screenshots, the game is bright, cheerful, and there is definite mad scientist character there.

Assuming the game delivers as promised (see press release, below), it could well be a case of third time lucky for the folks from the land of the long white cloud.

The press release:

Adventure Puzzle Game Arriving January 17th, 2011

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand – January 12, 2011 – Stickmen Studios, a pioneering company creating casual games for the leading consoles and PC, today announced the release date of its next original title, ‘Doc Clock™: The Toasted Sandwich of Time’ for the WiiWare™ service at the cost of 1000 Wii Points™.
Immerse yourself in the Doc’s world of ingenious inventions with his contemptuous robot backpack Sack, travel through time as you dodge madly misguided techno-phobic hippy robots in a bid to save the Doc’s cat Franklin from being turned into a potted “catcus”.

Put your imagination and skill to the test; build clever contraptions to pilot through the robot-ravaged environments, steer yourself over lava-bubbling rivers, around icicle-toothed pits and once-urban landscapes.

The strongest features of Doc Clock™: The Toasted Sandwich of Time include:

• INFINITE POSSIBILITIES… Invent almost anything from the objects you discover – it all bolts together to work in whichever way you decide;
• TAKE CONTROL… You’ve built it, but can you drive it? Skill and co-ordination are required to navigate the challenges ahead;
• PLAY WITH TIME… Instantly and easily rewind time to undo your calamitous mishaps using Doc Clock’s amazing Time Slider;
• TROPHY COLLECTING… Prove your awesomeness by unlocking achievements such as ‘Headhunter’ and ‘Rocketman’;
• BITING BACKCHAT… Sidekick Sack’s wisecracks will keep you smiling throughout your journey. He’s more annoying than your big brother.

“Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time is a creative quest for all ages, suitable for anyone who enjoys compelling problem-solving challenges and comical encounters,” said Wil McLellan, CEO of Stickmen Studios.
Doc Clock runs his own blog which you can see yourself by becoming a fan on Facebook at:

Alternatively you can follow the Doc on twitter at:!/Doc_Clock

Visit the Doc Clock website to preview the Doc’s compelling world of time travel and creatively contrived contraptions. Check out the features, observe some inventions, snag the awesome artwork and get those prickly-paws on the downloads you’ll find in the Doc’s lab! See it now at

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  • Reminds me of World of Goo for some reason. Looks like it has potential, but Dragon Master Spell Disaster and Kung Fu Junk are keeping my optimism in check. 🙂

  • Reminds me of World of Goo for some reason. Looks like it has potential, but Dragon Master Spell Disaster and Kung Fu Junk are keeping my optimism in check. 🙂

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