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Monday, June 27, 2016

With Mighty No. 9 now out, it's time to look back at Mega Man 2

Retro reflections by Nick H.

The comparisons between Mighty No. 9 and Mega Man have been ongoing ever since the game was first announced. Visually they are both fairly squat, rounded characters in armor with the newer character being named Beck. Keiji Inafune was notably attached to both. Even the company name of Comcept kind of reminds me of Capcom. Though Mighty No. 9 hasn't turned out as well as many would have hoped, the link between it and Mega Man is clear.

That is not to say Mighty No. 9 is a knock-off of Mega Man, but the similarities are undeniable. I have long been a fan of the Mega Man games. I remember renting and playing the living snot out of the first one. I will even admit to utilising the infamous pause/unpause bug back then that allowed some weapons to score multiple hits on a single shot, making some bosses far easier than they should have been. At least until I beat the game that first time. Then I decided to play it again right away, taking what I head learned to heart and beating it fair and square.

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With Mighty No. 9 now out, it's time to look back at Mega Man 2
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