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Friday, September 5, 2014

Ragtag Studio's Ray's the Dead will be a Playstation Vita cross-buy title

News by Jedediah H.

Last week, we took a stealthy, crowbar-wielding glance at Ragtag Studio's Ray's the Dead, a zombie adventure where commanding different units of the undead to overcome adversaries and solve puzzles is the approach to survival, and its Kickstarter Stretch Goals. And just when we thought the game couldn't look any more appealing, Project Director and Co-founder at Ragtag Studio Chris Cobb chomps this bit of knowledge into our bloodstreams: Ray's the Dead will be coming to Playstation Vita, and it will be a Cross-Buy title.

This means, of course, whether you buy the PS4 or PS Vita version of Ray's the Dead, you'll be able to frighten farmers armed with shovels on either system for a single price.

Chris seems pretty stoked about it:

“We’re very excited to bring Ray’s the Dead to the PS Vita,” said Chris Cobb, Project Director and Co-founder at Ragtag Studio. “It’s been nothing short of amazing to see the support we’ve gotten for our beloved undead hero, and we’re hoping to see more fans rally to help us achieve our Vita and PlayStation TV specific stretch goal with our remaining Kickstarter days.”

So now, whether we're stationary or mobile, hungry for flesh or trying to resist our primitive urges, fortunate owners of a Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita may shamble from the familiarness of our gamer-centric living rooms to the awkwardness of our significant others' parents' dining room tables without losing out on Ray's journey to discover why he is.

If you'd like to support Chris and his team with their Kickstarter Stretch Goals, which could help allow for even more interactivity between the PS4 and Vita versions of the game, and not to mention fund support for Playstation TV, teeter into the welcoming hugs of their Kickstarter page.


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Ragtag Studio's Ray's the Dead will be a Playstation Vita cross-buy title
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