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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alien Breed invades PSN

The classic top-down Amiga shooter Alien Breed is now on the PSN- complete with PS+ discount.

Brought to you by Team 17 Digital Limited, Alien Breed brings both the original game as well as the remake (which is painted with a nice coat of HD) to the PlayStation Network for your gaming pleasure. Even better is that Alien Breed is a cross-play title, alien blasting at home- or on the go!

The game plays out across 30 stages which feature 6 taken right from the original game back in 1991, 12 from the Special Edition (which released in '92), and some all new stuff which is broken up into three level 'packs'.

As a launch bonus to get the xeno shooting kicked off properly, Team 17 has knocked 20% off Alien Breed's price tag for PS+ members.
Alien Breed invades PSN
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