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Monday, February 20, 2012

Nintendo download disappointing again (UK)

It has been a really, really slow start to the eShop releases this year, and the grind continues, with very little to please gamers.

For a start, there's no 3D eShop original games, and no virtual console this week either. There is a free demo of Nintendogs + Cats, but surely anyone interested in that game would just buy it?

There's two 500-point DSiWare games, though. Box Pusher is a puzzle game whose title explains it all. 3 Heroes - Crystal Soul is another strategy game by Circle. That means it's guaranteed to be quite competent, but shoddy presentation and some massive, unfair difficulty spikes.

Finally, there's one cheap little WiiWare game. Newton Vs The Horde is another little puzzle game that will set you back 500 points.

Anything for you, our dear UK readers, this week?
Nintendo download disappointing again (UK)
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