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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Help Poto and Cabenga unite on iOS devices!

Award winning (and all kinds of weird) platformer, Poto and Cabenga, is headed to iOS devices and will cost just $US0.99 to try.

Originally developed in a collaboration between artist, Richard Hogg, and indie developer Honeyslug, the game was originally developed for the Gamma 4 one-button competition.

It’s free to play online now (the Website has had over a million hits), but the iPhone version does include a neverending mode.

It’s weird looking, but the game is simple in execution – get Poto and Cabenga to reunite. Tap the screen, and Poto jumps over the obstacles. Release the screen and Cabenga does.

Help Poto and Cabenga unite on iOS devices!
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