Delve into the world of mysterious artefacts in Strange Horticulture follow-up Strange Antiquities, announced for PC

Welcome back to Undermere.

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The key art for Strange Horticulture.

If you’re a fan of nature puzzle games then you’ve likely heard of Strange Horticulture (because there really aren’t that many of them). Released for PC in 2022 and later for consoles, the occult shopkeeping game is all about serving customers, cataloguing new plants, and unravelling a town’s mysteries. Strange Antiquities is a follow-up to Strange Horticulture that is also set in the town of Undermere, but this time it’s all about dealing with – you guessed it! – occult antiquities.

The game takes place several (seven – shoutout random Survivor fans) years after the events of Strange Horticulture. Strange Antiquities is a new, dark, and cozy standalone game set in the same world as its predecessor, and should be good for previous players and newcomers alike. In Undermere, strange things happen as often as it rains. It’s a place of ancient woodland, candle-lit libraries (fire hazard!), and macabre folklore.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

Strange Antiquities promises a new store, a new mystery, and even a new cat! You’ll become the custodian of a store that deals with occult antiquities. This type of shop should it like a glove in a quaint, gloomy place like Undermere where the abnormal is normal. Find and identify arcane artefacts, help the townsfolk’s unusual problems using your collection, and pet the cat. Seriously. Don’t forget to pet the cat. (It deserves the love, being a cat is so hard.)

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As the Thaumaturge’s apprentice, it’s up to you to run a shop that deals in occult antiquities. People “in the know” become concerned when hundreds of ravens start circling above the town. An occult scholar visits your shop to ask about the strange events, but things take a sinister turn before she even gets to meet with you.

Gameplay involves hunting down powerful objects and arcane artefacts, identifying them, then using them to help the town’s residents with their rather curious problems. It doesn’t sound like this is related to all those crows, but you know it is.

Developed by Bad Viking and published by Iceberg Interactive, Strange Antiquities will be released for PC via Steam. A launch date and other platforms were not announced, though like its predecessor I’d expect it will come to consoles in due time.

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