Supernatural life sim Moonlight Peaks will be published for PC by XSEED Games in North America, Marvelous Europe in Europe

I hope the years are worth the wait!

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The key art for Moonlight Peaks.

Adding a layer of the supernatural to life sims isn’t uncommon, but I’m excited for Moonlight Peaks because it is about living a supernatural life in a supernatural town. The life sim was announced by its developer Little Chicken Game Company a couple of years ago, and I believe the plan (until now) was for it to be self-published. Today, XSEED Games and its sister company Marvelous Europe announced that each would be publishing the game in North America and Europe, respectively. This is great news because Marvelous has a long history of working on life/farming sims. But there is a bit of bad news: Moonlight Peaks won’t launch until 2026.

Moonlight Peaks is a town where vampires, werewolves, mermaids, and other sorts of supernatural denizens mostly come out at night when the unnatural is normal. You take on the persona of Count Dracula’s grown-up progeny, trying to prove to their skeptical undead pops that compassion is possible for the undead.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

Design your vampire lair and master magical potions/spells while also managing your supernatural farm. You’ll also get to know a mix of human and supernatural town residents, and maybe even find your eternal love through the supernatural dating scene.

“We always look for projects that offer our audience diverse new titles with our indie publishing efforts, but this time we’ve found a project that’s much closer to home,” said Kenji Hosoi, Executive Vice President of XSEED Games, via a press release. “Moonlight Peaks is a supernatural fit given our deep experience with the farming/life sim genre, and we look forward to working with the team at Little Chicken to bring their game to life, and our fans!”

Take a look at the game in motion in this July 2023 teaser trailer:

“Partnering with Marvelous and [its] group of companies for a worldwide release was an opportunity we were excited to accept,” said Yannis Bolman, President of Little Chicken Game Company, in the same press release. “As pioneers in the farming and life-sim genre with Story of Seasons and then the Rune Factory series, we were thrilled to be invited into their family. Moonlight Peaks will fit seamlessly into their publishing portfolio, and we hope to introduce fans of those series to our own innovative and unique ideas for the genre.”

Developed by Little Chicken Game Company and published by XSEED Games/Marvelous Europe in North America/Europe, Moonlight Peaks will be released for PC via Steam in 2026. (In an FAQ post on Steam, the developer states that it expects to work on a Nintendo Switch release post-PC launch.)

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