Highlights: Nintendo Indie World (April 18, 2024)

Stickers and stitching!

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The graphic for Indie World 17/04/2024 (or 18/04 depending on where you are).

Apologies for the incorrect date in the header image – Nintendo AU never published one so this is UK time. As always, expect about 20 minutes of announcements and updates on indie games coming soon (or soon-ish) to Nintendo Switch. While all of these are confirmed for Nintendo’s console, there is a very good chance they are already available or launching on other platforms. Actually, several of them specifically state that they are timed console exclusives. I’ve translated seasons to quarters to make it more friendly for both hemispheres; for example, “this summer” becomes Q3 2024. Now let’s get to the goodies!

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Game highlights

Little Kitty, Big City (Double Dagger Studio)

The title Little Kitty, Big City describes this game perfectly. It’s about a curious kitty in a world full of distractions, made by people who love cats and distractions. (It speaks to both the crazy cat lady and ADHD parts of me.) You, as the little kitty, are taking a lovely nap in your favourite spot… but then you roll right off the edge and fall down down down. Now you’re a lost little kitty. Navigate the city while trying to find the way home. While on the trek, there is lots to do! Your to-do list keeps track of quests to help other animal inhabitants of the city. One might be seeking a shiny something (or shiny somethings). Another could be stuck in a pipe. Get pet by humans, knock stuff over, and collect over 40 hats to wear. Little Kitty, Big City will be released on May 9.

Refind Self: The Personality Test Game (Lizardry, PLAYISM)

Matt reviewed Refind Self: The Personality Test Game when it launched for PC late last year, describing it as a compelling narrative experience. He goes on to say the game “might not be scientific, but it’s one of the better pieces of introspection we’ve seen coming out of game development.” I hope being featured on Indie World does great things for Refind Self. It begins with an android standing over the grave of the Doctor who created them. Or you, I should say – the android is you. Travel to locations from your past to unravel the future the Doctor was looking for. When it’s over, you’ll be assigned one ot 23 personality types based on your decisions. Refind Self: The Personality Test Game will be released in Q3 2024 as a timed console exclusive.

Sticky Business + Plan with Me DLC (Spellgarden Games, Assemble Entertainment)

Sticky Business is one of those games that just stuck (ha) in my mind after playing it last year. (You can read my review here.) It’s a cozy game about running a sticker business. Design the sticker with pre-made assets, choose the paper to print it on, and put it for sale on your website. From there, you’ll get orders that provide the narrative through customer stories. As you earn money, unlock other assets and sticker/packaging elements. The Plan with Me DLC adds ten customer stories and over 100 sticker elements (habit trackers, washi tape, frames, and more). You can purchase the game and its DLC separately or in a bundle, and all options are available now as a timed console exclusive.

stitch. (Lykke Studios, Lykkegaard Europe Limited)

I do embroidery, so stitch. speaks to my soul. It is a puzzle game about filling in cells on fabric in a hoop. Each hoop is considered its own puzzle/level. There are 140 hoops designed for launch and more on the way after that. Stitch together the groups of cells depending on their number while avoiding any overlaps. The hoops can be completed in any order. Accessibility toggles include colourblind mode, reduce motion, big numbers, and left hand mode. Currently, there are limited-time daily puzzles that are more difficult, with no hints. There are also weekly hoops, inspired by real events and including trivia. Once a weekly hoop is unlocked, you can play it at any time. The patterns are a fusion of personal experiences and the community’s ideas; for example, the penguin mascot is a gamified avatar of the game’s producer, Tanin. Some categories, like mythical creatures, originated from the game’s players. Oh, and this Nintendo Switch version of stitch. can be played via touch controls when in handheld mode. stitch. is available now as a console exclusive.

SteamWorld Heist II (Image & Form Games, Thunderful Games)

No, you’re not losing your mind: 3DS hit SteamWorld Heist is finally getting a sequel. Back in 2015, Matt reviewed SteamWorld Heist, concluding, “because I want to see SteamWorld continue to grow, I really need for the next game in the series to be truly ambitious.” Will SteamWorld Heist II give us that ambition? It definitely seems… more. The waters of the world have turned deadly, corroding the metal limbs and hearts of denizens. Explore the sea to discover why this precious resource has become a nightmare. The game features tactical, turn-based shootouts – point, shoot, and let the bullets bounce! Strategically craft your crew to suit what your mission is. If you so choose, steal and wear the enemies’ hats. So. Many. Hats! Explore the world map and engage in real-time naval combat with your submarine, equipped with weapons and items. You can befriend Steambots along the way, eventually learning how you actions impact their lives. SteamWorld Heist II will be released on August 8.

Full list of featured games

  • Little Kitty, Big City (Double Dagger Studio) – launching May 9
  • Yars Rising (WayForward, Atari) – launching in 2024
  • Refind Self: The Personality Test Game (Lizardry, PLAYISM) – launching in Q3 2024 as a timed console exclusive
  • Sticky Business (Spellgarden Games, Assemble Entertainment) – available now as a timed console exclusive
  • Antonblast (Summitsphere) – launching on November 12 as a timed console exclusive
  • Valley Peaks (Tub Club, Graffiti Games) – launching later this year
  • Lorelai and the Laser Eyes (Simogo, Annapurna Interactive) – launching on May 16, I believe as a timed console exclusive
  • Europa (Helder Pinto, Future Friends Games) – launching later this year
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splintered Fate (Super Evil Megacorp) – launching in July as a timed console exclusive
  • Cat Quest III (The Gentlebros, Kepler Interactive) – launching August 8
  • stitch. (Lykke Studios, Lykkegaard Europe Limited) – available now as a console exclusive
  • BZZZT (KO.DLL, Cinemax) – launching in Q3 2024
  • SCHiM (Extra Nice) – launching on July 18
  • Animal Well (Shared Memory, Bigmode) – launching on May 9
  • Duck Detective: The Secret Salami (Happy Broccoli Games) – launching on May 23
  • Another Crab’s Treasure (Aggro Crab) – launching on April 25
  • SteamWorld Heist II (Image & Form Games, Thunderful Games) – launching on August 8

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