Discover a conspiracy in Hauma – A Detective Noir Story, coming to Nintendo Switch later this year

You didn't really want to retire anyway.

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The key art for Hauma - A Detective Noir Story.

I absolutely love detective games featuring strong, smart women. I think there aren’t enough of them… but that could just be me. Hauma – A Detective Noir Story fits in this category. It launched for PC last September but I was never sure it would come to consoles, until today when a Nintendo Switch version was announced. The game follows a (retired) detective as she discovers a conspiracy amongst the fancy pants society folk, visiting real-world locations with comic-inspired art.

Hauma – A Detective Noir Story follows Judith through the city of Munich. She’s got a sharp wit and a special knack for getting things done. There have been numerous suspicious events in the area, taking her out of forced retirement and into a journey of deduction regarding the secrets of Munich’s corrupt elites. She’ll have to piece together a conspiracy to get the full picture of what’s going on.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

Solve puzzles and riddles while putting together clues and making deductions about the mystery at hand. A mindboard will be helpful throughout the investigation; it’s kind of like an inventory of interconnected items and thoughts. When the strands are properly woven together, it’s possible to uncover clues and unravel mysteries.

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Judith will explore real locations in a comic book-styled world; for example, she’ll head to the historic House of Art. While visiting these places, she will be able to discover pieces of hidden history that reveal information about the past of Bavaria’s capital.

There are a couple of investigation mechanics to use: solving puzzles and dialogue riddles. The game is visual novel at heart, so the visual comic style fits well with its genre. The fully-voiced cinematic adventure features a diverse cast of characters.

Developed by SenAm Games and published by Assemble Entertainment, Hauma – A Detective Noir Story will be released for Nintendo Switch in ” thissummer” (likely meaning Q3 of this year). It is currently available for PC vis Steam.

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