Hand-drawn historical detective game Chronique des Silencieux launches for PC late this month

Solve a stubborn old man's secrets.

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The key art for Chronique des Silencieux.

When I look at Chronique des Silencieux, I automatically start going through a checklist of things I like in video games. Mystery? Investigation? Neat visuals? Alluring soundtrack? Those things are all there in the cozy historical narrative game that is the first from French developer Pierre Feuille Studio. Chronique des Silencieux is set to be released for PC via Steam towards the end of this month.

Step into the shoes of Eugène Faury in Southern France during the 1970s. The rookie private investigator is looking into the rather peculiar case of Victor Dousvalon, a stubborn history professor whose life is shrouded in secrecy.

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To solve the delicate mystery, players will need a keen eye and a sharp mind. Meet the colourful cast of characters, each requiring questioning to help sort fact from fiction. Follow the right leads, digs through secret documents, and investigate lies that are decades old – all to bring the truth to light.

There is a new trailer for the game. It shows off the game’s cozy and compelling historical narrative. Get a look (literally) at the eye-catching aesthetics. The evocative soundtrack is inspired by classic cinema, giallo mystery, and crime thrillers.

The characters each have their own lives, choices, tragedies, and coping skills to piece together. By doing this, a picture of a rich history will emerge from street-level. Detective work is never easy, so players will have to search through private family papers, ask nosy questions, and call upon others at only the most inopportune times. Some people are rather quiet, so pushiness is often required. Choose leads and follow them to the end, or choose to stop when the case may have been cracked.

Developed and published by Pierre Feuille Studio, Chronique des Silencieux will be released for PC via Steam on January 29. It should be getting Mac/Linux support and added to additional storefronts soon afterwards.

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