Tactical RPG deckbuilder Cross Blitz will launch for PC by the month’s end

Story mode plus mega replayability.

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The key art for Cross Blitz, featuring the game's logo on the left and a green boat containing a buff lion and a purple-haired human.

Set sail for a thrilling adventure in tactical RPG deckbuilder Cross Blitz. The game features heartfelt adventures and fierce, strategic battles. The memorable cast are each on their own individual journeys. Players test their tactical mind by building the perfect deck, using clever card combinations and synergies. Today, it was announced that the game would be launched later this month; a gameplay trailer was also revealed.

During each hero’s adventure (in story mode), explore a variety of locations and meet a wide array of characters while unlocking new cards, abilities, and relics. Use strategic tools to craft the perfect deck that suits your playstyle. Join fearless pirate Redcroft as a tries to win back his stolen freedom from a merciless princess, or aid Violet the pop star as she searches for an artifact to stop the evil escapades of a mysterious doppleganger.

Today’s gameplay trailer features a sneak peek at the stories found in the Fables story mode and the ever-changing challenge of roguelite mode Tusk Tales:

In roguelite Tusk Tales mode, face an endless challenge featuring five playable mercenaries and seven bosses to conquer, each with their own decks and relics. The challenges are endless, with new foes, cards, and trinkets on each randomised run. After completing a run, upgrade the characters to suit your strategy and unlock new mercenaries with unique starting cards. Shape the adventure across randomised maps while making moment-to-moment decisions as you craft an unstoppable deck.

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The game features more than 200 cards, allowing players to customise and perfect strategies to fit different playstyles. In the story mode, Fables, the different storylines add up to over 30 hour of adventure as the heroes face a variety of trials and tribulations. Tusk Tales mode adds many, many more hours of replayability.

Developed by Tako Boy Studios and published by The Arcade Crew, Cross Blitz will be released for PC via Steam on November 28.

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