Fashion Dreamer gets its first free update on December 5

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A graphic advertising Fashion Dreamer's Free Update #1 (update data ver. 1.2.0, distributing on December 5, 2023.

Nobody official has come out and said it, but lets be real: fashion/communication game Fashion Dreamer is basically a spiritual successor to popular DS game Style Savvy (AKA Style Boutique, AKA Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode). Fashion Dreamer launched for Nintendo Switch earlier this month to some good reviews and a few bad reviews, but mostly it was rated as a middle-of-the-road title; over at Metacritic, critic reviews average out to 62/100. Here at DDNet, Matt reviewed Fashion Dreamer and gave it 2.5 stars (or 50/100) due to the fact it was “really, really ridiculously good-looking” (nice Zoolander reference there) but there wasn’t much to it past that. The first free content update for the game was announced today, though I’m not entirely sure it will solve the lack of incentive to play problem. I’d be willing to give it a shot, though.

Fashion Dreamer allows players to freely express their unique styles using an avatar (called a Muse), creating iconic looks by choosing from hundreds of options. Anything to cozy casual wear to chic couture is possible. After creating a great look, visit different areas (called Cocoons) to explore new fashion from other Muses or show off in a showroom for more attention and Likes. The player’s influence can be increased by competing in design challenges and unlocking more customisation options.

The game features asynchronous multiplayer, so the world of Eve is inhabited by Muses from around the world. Because of this, players can find inspiration or earn Likes from pretty much anywhere.

So let’s take a look at what’s coming up next for Fashion Dreamer in its Winter Update:

The Winter Update brings new patterns, Muse parts, showroom furniture, and photo frames to the game. Some looks are only available through the Limited Time Fair, an in-game system that provides players with objectives to complete; this earns them useful items and patterns. The first Limited Time Fair features a Fantasy theme, with about 20 items in a butterfly dream motif. There is a new Muse Notebook, an in-game journal that details memories of others Muses met so far. There is also a new Lookbook, allowing players to save and name their favourite outfits and switch back to them easily.

Thanks to a collaboration with Ciào Magazine, all Muses will receive new t-shirts. One is for ‘Naisho No Lily” (written by Fujita Hasumi), being serialised in Ciào Delexue. The other is for ‘Shining!’ (written by Nao Maita), being serialised in Ciào. There is also a t-shirt and Photo Egg frame up for grabs, also in collaboration with Ciào.

Developed by syn Sophia, Inc. and published by XSEED Games (North America)/Marvelous Europe (Europe), Fashion Dreamer is currently available digitally and physically for Nintendo Switch. Its 1.2.0 Winter Update launches on December 5. More free updates containing additional styles, outfits, and features are expected in 2024.

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  • This unfortunately doesn’t sound like it will fix the fundamental problems with the game. Pity, the New Style Boutique/whatever you want to call them games were genuinely enjoyable, even for someone not into fashion, but this just seems to be a big waft of nothingness.

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