Estimate your personality with Refind Self, the personality test game, launching later this month

How well can a game really know you?

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A screenshot from Refind Self. Utuswa is facing an enemy, a bird. She can attack, full heal single use, or guard.

We constantly make decisions as we play games. These days, these decisions often impact the game in meaningful ways, like with branching narratives and multiple endings. But imagine what would happen if a game keeps track of your decisions and creates a personality profile based off of them, and allows you to compare with others. That sounds pretty neat to me! And that’s exactly what Refind Self is: a personality test hidden within an adventure game. It will be launching in mid-November for iOS/Android and PC.

The game begins with you, an android, standing over the grave of the Doctor who created you. The world is filled with robots in various forms, each created for their own purpose. You’ll travel to key places from your memories of the Doctor, interact with robots, and unravel the secrets behind the future the Doctor was looking for… and the one you’re now entrusted with.

There are no game over screens, and no right or wrong way to progress. Go where you’d like, talk, investigate, and play mini-games. Each action will help analyze your personality. Once you’ve beaten the game, your personality results will be revealed.

Here is the game’s announcement trailer:

Your results are stored in an online database, and each play results in a unique results ID. You can share IDs and view the results of others, even comparing your personalities. There are three ways to compare results: with one person, with up to six people, or with a randomly selected player.

Up to five personalities will be selected to create a personality profile. There is an extensive list of options: adventurer, artisan, butler, judge, pacifist, bancho, challenger, samurai, martial artist, sage, gambler, collector, researcher, traveler, leader, clergy, solo player, runner, planner, philosopher, clown, hero, and merchant.

Developed by Lizardry (7 Days to End with You) and published by Playism, Refind Self: The Personality Test Game will be released for Android via Google Play, iOS via App Store, and PC via Steam on November 14 at 12:00 p.m. PT.

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