Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files is coming West for Nintendo Switch in 2024

Touch Detective 3 is coming West, finally.

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A screenshot from Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files. A blonde girl with a brown mushroom friends stands in a gallery, with three images behind them.

Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files was first released in Japan during October 2022, including the three mainline Touch Detective games, two bonus scenarios, and an extensive in-game gallery. Touch Detective 3 was never even released in the West… until now. Published by Nicalis, the game compilation is set to launch for Nintendo Switch in early 2024.

Let’s start with Touch Detective 3. It’s the biggest and best adventure for junior detective Mackenzie and her sidekick Funghi. Highly competitive detective Norma Touche has arrived in town, and the pressure is on for Mackenzie to solve cases before he does. The game was first released for Nintendo DS in Japan during 2014; this release marks the first time the game is able to be played in English.

This compilation also includes the original Touch Detective (NDS, 2006) and Touch Detective 2 1/2 (NDS, 2007). Touch Detective follows Mackenzie as she solves four mysteries in a small town in order to join the ranks of the Great Detective Society. In Touch Detective 2 1/2, there are five cases to solve.

In all three of the games, players will help Mackenzie and her friends as they search for clues, interview suspects, and get to the bottom of one zany mystery after another. They’ll meet colourful characters like bubble-headed daydreamer Penelope, self-proclaimed super-sleuth Chloe, and genius inventor Cromwell.

There are also two bonus cases starring Funghi (Funghi Breaks Out! and Funghi: The Interviews) and an extensive museum of artwork and music from the entire series. All of the games have improved localisation and more hints. Players can either use the touch screen or the standard controls to explore the town and examine clues.

Developed by Beeworks Games and Success Corporation, and published by Nicalis, Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files will be released for Nintendo Switch in the West in Q1 2024. It will be available digitally through the eShop and physically through Nicalis directly.

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