Life sim meets foraging adventure Out and About is set to launch in April 2024

Video game meets real life.

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The key art for Out and About.

Wholesome, cozy game Out and About did really well on its recently-ended Kickstarter campaign. Like, over 370% funded well. This means that lots of extra stuff will be coming to the game, as stretch goals include new outfits, photo mode, pets, a Nintendo Switch port, crafting, and more. The developer, Yaldi Games, has now announced that Out and About will be released in Early Access for PC via Steam in April 2024.

It all really starts with that Kickstarter campaign. Elena Hoge, Lead Developer, said via a press release: “The Kickstarter has been a tremendous success for us! Not only did we hit all stretch goals, but we also grew our community and really connected to our players. Everyone is coming together and sharing knowledge, which is exactly what our game is about!”

Out and About brings the outdoors insides, as players explore vibrant biomes and befriend characters inspired by real-world foragers. Connect with nature through foraging, gardening, crafting, and cooking… then try out your new skills in the real world.

Here is Out and About’s Kickstarter trailer from a month ago:

Every singe recipe discovered in the game uses the same ingredients their real-world counterpart would. The step-by-step methods add gameplay mechanics while also replicating steps from the real world. There is a wide range of plants and fungi to discover; each comes will a factual card, allowing players to learn the skill in-game then practice it in real life.

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Out and About will have a companion website accessible via PCs and mobile devices. The website lets players learn and recreate the in-game experiences in the real world. Unlocking a plant or recipe inside the game gives players access to real information, identifiers, and step-by-step recipes via the website.

Developed and published by Yaldi Games, Out and About will be released in Early Access for PC via Steam in April 2024. Upon its 1.0 launch, a Nintendo Switch version will also be released.

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