The latest trailer for Pixel Cafe showcases the game’s narrative

The story of three generations.

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The key art for Pixel Cafe. Pixel is a woman with long red hair; she stands to the right holding a cup of coffee and a slice of bacon that a dog is trying to grab. A restaurant counter is behind her. To the left is a large man with a beige suit and hat.

Pixel Cafe is an upcoming game for PC and consoles that is described as part time management, part retro narrative, and totally wholesome. Today, the latest story trailer was released. Pixel is the name of the game’s heroine, and players experience the world through her eyes while she deals with the ups and downs of everyday life. The game shows both her present and her grandparents’ past.

Pixel is a bright-eyed barista who just wants to do her best. She’s perfecting cooking in the present day, while her past manifests through flashbacks that show the choices that got her to the present. Players will be able to practice time management at a restaurant before retiring to Pixel’s grandmother’s house to decorate.

Pixel Cafe features 10 eclectic cafes, each with its own quirky owner. Pixel will have to adapt to each, learning new recipes and connecting with new clients. She’ll have to perfect both coffee-making and cooking to continue her journey across various environments, bosses, and clientele. The game also features 50 Nightmare levels, the most difficult of the difficult levels. This allows the game to be enjoyed by both those looking for a story and those looking for a challenge.

Between the arcade-style time management levels, discover Pixel’s narrative in a dual storytelling format. See both Pixel’s present day and her grandparents’ past to learn how one led to the other. Players can interact with other characters to reveal an emotional narrative spanning three generations.

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The game features an original soundtrack by renowned Polish composer Arkadiusz Reikowski, the perfect compliment for this heartfelt journey that unfolds one cup of coffee at a time.

Developed and published by Baltoro Games, Pixel Cafe will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

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