This Way Madness Lies launching for Nintendo Switch next week

PlayStation 5 version expected later this year.

3 mins read reviews indie RPG This Way Madeness Lies on PC

This Way Madness Lies, the magical girls RPG by the developer behind Cthulhu Saves the World and Cosmic Star Heroine, is set to launch for Nintendo Switch next year and PlayStation 5 later this year following a successful PC launch late last year. Here at DDNet, Matt gave the game 4.5 stars and called it the developer’s best effort to date. The game features girls being transported to alternate dimensions, based around Shakespeare’s works.

The game begins in the quiet city of Verona, Italy. It’s a town for lovers and, as it turns out, giant mutant flower attacks. Imogen is the leader of the Stratford-Upon-Avon High Drama Society, so she both goes to school every day and helps produce plays for the community. Her gifts don’t end there, though: she’s also a magical girl that can teleport to alternate dimensions based on Shakespeare’s plays and fight back the forces of Nightmare before returning home in time for dinner.

This Way Madness Lies follows Imogen, along with fellow Drama Society members Paulina, Viola, Rosalind, Miranda, Beatrice, and Kate on an epic adventure in what’s best described as a comedy JRPG.

Players will hang out with Imogen’s friends and put on plays, while also engaging in unique turn-based combat. Multiple characters can unite abilities. And if the Shakespearean language is too much for you, use the Ye Olde English to New English translator, which is totally accurate, I swear.

“I believe that the world needs more quality RPGs that don’t take dozens of hours before they get good,” says Zeboyd founder Robert Boyd via a press release. ” Something that’s all killer, no filler, and fun for the whole family. This Way Madness Lies is great for when you need a burst of turn-based goodness, or just want to hang out with the members of the Stratford-Upon-Avon High Drama Society. And now that it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch, the fun doesn’t have to stop even when you’re suffocating in a crowded subway car or at an outdoor party you’d rather not be attending.”

Developed by Zeboyd Games and published by Limited Run Games, This Way Madness Lies will be released digitally for Nintendo Switch on July 25. This will be followed by a PlayStation 5 version later this year, as well as physical editions for each platform. It originally launched for PC via Steam in November 2022.

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