Rin: The Last Child launches for PC, consoles this September

Save the mythical world as a demigoddess.

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A screenshot from Rin: The Last Child.

Rin: The Last Child is a magical, dark, fairy-tale Metroidvania (AKA action adventure platformer) where players take on the role of Rin, a demigoddess, in a mesmerizing adventure filled with runes, spells, and epic fights with powerful bosses. It combines exploration with crafting. If that sounds like something you’d like, you won’t have to wait too long: it’s set to launch in late September.

Once an idyllic mythical place, the world has become dangerous and is now filled with monsters. Rin’s brothers and sisters went to save it… but they all failed. The once-mighty Creator is weak and unable to act after sharing all of his powers with his children. Rin is, as the title suggests, the Last Child. The last hope as the world plunges into chaos. But Rin doesn’t have any powers, only her free will. But perhaps that’s the greatest power of all? Only the future will tell, following a journey in the pursuit of freedom, truth, and the right to be your own person.

I mentioned that the game combines exploration with crafting. This means that no playthrough will be the same as the last. Rin is able to obtain the power of aspects to fuel and develop her magic, since she started with nothing. She’ll explore vast mythical lands while uncovering the secrets hidden behind the Aspects of Magic, rekindle her powers, craft spells, confront powerful bosses – that were once her siblings! – and embark on a journey to save the world.

The dark world is filled with deadly volcanic plains, deserts with distorted time, dangerous jungles, and more. What secrets you uncover depends on how deep you’re willing to dive. There are multiple ways to finish off enemies: fight them to death, imprison them, or avoid them entirely with the spell-crafting system.

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To craft spells, find aspect shards and runes to craft spells/enchantments. If you’re tired of magic missiles, look around for more creative spells to suit your play style.

Developed by Space Fox Games and published by Klabater, Rin: The Last Child will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on September 21.

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