The more French Revolution games we get the more our politicians might get the point… I mean Liberté looks good!

I do hope Marquis de Sade shows up.

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Liberte game released from Early Access

It’s going to take some work to top Steelrising, which was one of the big surprises of 2022 with the way it handled an alternative universe French Revolution-with-automatons, but Polish developer, Superstatic is going to give it a red-hot go with Liberté, which is leaving Early Access for full release today.

Liberté is a deckbuilding roguelike (yeah, I know there are too many of those now, but bear with us here) that is set in Paris. You play as René, who is a common citizen that must eat cake… I mean who finds herself tangled up in the deadly politics of the era.

But also there are nightmarish invaders from the cosmos, because why not? So not only do you need to deal with the Revolution, but you also need to figure out how to send the eldrich terrors of Lovecraftian persuasion back to their hell dimension.

“We think the combination of a story based in the roots in real French history and the pure fantasy of a dimension-hopping antagonist is compelling,” Kajetan Wyrzykowski, Narrative Designer at Superstatic, said in a release.

As mentioned, the game is leaving Early Access for its full release today. Early Access reviews are mixed, though the criticisms from the community seem to be things that you’d expect to be fixed between an EA and a full release. Currently, the game is only available on Steam. Hopefully, it inspires the proletariat to action… I mean hopefully it’s a very good game.

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  • On a fun side note, there’s this video “Best croissants in Paris” by youtuber Luis. The joke is he’s walking around during the recent Paris protests against changes in retirement rights. It’s some powerful imagery of popular resistance.

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