The Elephant Collection features ten remastered flash games

Ten flash games, one non-flash package.

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A screenshot from The Elephant Collection. A hamster wearing a crown is demanding pellets.

As a millennial, flash games were a huge thing when I was in high school and in my early years of college. So when flash became a non-thing it was a bit of a bummer from a nostalgia standpoint. When flash support was removed from browsers, we lost not only a whole generation of funny cartoon videos (we like the mooooon) but also an entire generation of flash-based games. It only makes sense that someone decided to take those games, remaster them for contemporary players, and release them as a collection; The Elephant Collection features a bunch of classic games by jmtb02 (now known as Wonderful Elephant).

The Elephant Collection includes ten games, from puzzles platformers to rapid-fire arcade games. These games racked up millions of plays on Armor Games, and serve as both timeless classics and notable pieces of indie game history. The artwork has been remastered for high-resolution play, the music quality has been upped, and – of course – there are no ads.

Described as a metagame of metagames, the anthology is tied together with an overarching story that has Blue Elephant’s partner go missing after a rave gone wrong. Blue Elephant will have to recover his memories of that night by earning achievements in each game, eventually revealing the location of his lost partner.

The ten games included are:

  • This is the Only Level 1, 2, and 3: Platformers with only one level apiece, but the solution changes every time you beat it.
  • Achievement Unlocked 1, 2, and 3: Think outside the box to figure out how to unlock every possible achievement.
  • Elephant Quest: A Wooly bully stole the Elephant’s bowler hat! Fight through the world, power up your elephant, and help fellow elephants in side quests.
  • Obey! The Game: A micro-game collection that has players following instructions until the game says not to.
  • Run, Elephant, Run: Escape from a world tour and go on an international journey to spend time with your loving elephant partner.
  • Elephant Rave: This inclusion of this game makes perfect sense based on the game’s story. Dance to the music and avoid colourful lasers.

Developed by Wonderful Elephant and published by Armor Games, The Elephant Collection will be released for PC via Steam later this year.


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