Sense sequel Senses: Midnight launching on consoles this June

An old-school survival horror game.

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A screenshot of Uesugi Kaho in Senses: Midnight.

Sense: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story launched in 2021; it was an okay game, scoring three stars on DDNet. Senses: Midnight is its sequel, and the first of an anthology. While it is a sequel, it features a completely standalone narrative that existing fans and newcomers can both enjoy. The old-school 3D survival horror game will be coming to consoles (just about all of them) later this year.

Players take on the role of Uesugi Kaho, an adventurous college student who is a member of her school’s occult research club. When learning she will be returning to Japan to visit family, the club’s other members dare Kaho to investigate an infamous urban legend, The Midnight Door or Ikebukuro Walking Park. Kaho jumps at the opportunity to prove the legend is true and to capture proof of the paranormal… but entering the park may be the worst mistake she’ll ever make.

Senses: Midnight returns to classic survival horror from yesteryear, featuring old-school tank controls and fixed camera angles while also presenting the haunting narrative through an immersive 3D style. The park’s secrets are told via environmental storytelling and lore. Players will have to manage limited inventory slots, weigh risk and reward on puzzles that may alert vengeful spirits, use hiding spots effectively, and save the game at a single place.

The game will launch across the board digitally, and for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch with a physical limited edition via PlayAsia. 2000 will be produced for Nintendo Switch, and only 1000 for PlayStation 5. The limited edition includes the game, manual, soundtrack CD, and numbered certificate in a collector’s box.

Developed by Suzaku Games in partnership with eastasiasoft, and published by eastasiasoft, Senses: Midnight will be released digitally for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One this June. There will also be physical editions for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.


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  • I’ve been playing Clocktower 3 and Haunting Grounds from the PS2 and… Yeah, this genre still has a lot to offer. Glad to see someone taking a shot at it. I find it way better than the type of horror game that’s popular with streamers like the outlast series and the backrooms.
    Even if it’s not ground breaking, maybe it can help form a trend.

    • Yes, this is very much my kind of horror too. Clock Tower 3 is my favourite horror game of all time. Too niche for mainstream horror these days I guess, but it’s nice to see it still persisting in niche spaces.

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