ghostpia Season One launches for Switch in May

A denshi graphic novel.

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A screenshot from ghostpia.

At first, I was drawn to ghostpia Season One (there are two “seasons” planned) for its visuals – it’s almost like watching a cartoon on an on VHS tape! But I’m most excited for the the dark yet humourous story and the eclectic characters. Last month we learned that PQube would be publishing the game for Nintendo Switch in the west; now, I can share the launch date with you as well as some more information about the game’s characters.

ghostpia Season One is played much like a movie: sit back and enjoy the story. There’s no branching narratives here, just one linear story. The narrative combines multiple varying themes with an intense and compelling story. There is a town isolated from the world thanks to lots of snow; it’s a town where the residents call themselves ghosts and flood the streets at night. They aren’t really ghosts, though… they’re immortal. The town is said to be their utopia, but Sayoki tends to disagree. She doesn’t belong there, not really. She dreams of venturing into the vast snowy world to return to her hometown, but nobody has ever gone there.

Sayoko’s memory is in pieces. She only remembers snippits of her interactions with others. She wonders what she’s done in the past, and why the entire town seems to avoid her. This mysterious past will be revealed over time. There are rumours that she may be a ninja. She’s dreaded every day spent in this town, until a new friend appears: Yoru, the first ghost from the outside world. She’s upbeat and extroverted, and quickly becomes the town’s unofficial therapist.

Players will also encounter Pacifica and Anya. Pacifica is a girl of many talents; she’s a detective, she’s a teacher, she’s a craftswoman, etc. She’s the one who fixes troublesome situations around town. She may seem super influential, but to Sayoko she’s just like any normal girl. Anya works at the local repair shop. She’s not very good with people, but she also gets along with Sayoko.

Developed by Chosuido and published in the west by PQube, ghostpia Season One will be released for Nintendo Switch later on May 23. In Japan, it is published by room6 and Yokaze, and was released for Nintendo Switch on March 23.


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