The only Life is Strange game not on Switch is coming next month

Replay the "forgotten" Life is Strange game

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A screenshot from Life is Strange 2 on Nintendo Switch. Sean is standing on the left, with his hands on Daniel's (he's on the left) shoulders.

Life is Strange 2 is a bit of an anomaly in the Life is Strange series (including the spin-off) – it is the only one that features a male protagonist. I remember way back in 2018 (it seems like a decade ago) when the game was announced, I was hesitant about whether or not I would relate to the characters very well. Turns out, my fear was unfounded: the game about two brothers travelling the west coast quickly found its place in my heart. But after it ended (the five episodes were released individually), one thing was missing… a Switch release, of course! Well, four years later, it’s finally time to play it on to go.

Unlike Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Life is Strange 2 isn’t getting the remaster treatment. Rather, this is a straight port of the original game. Honestly, I don’t care too much, though it’s a bit sad Life is Strange 2 seems kind of… forgotten. It’s quite phenomenal. You can read my thoughts on the first episode here.

The game follows Sean and Daniel Diaz as they flee from the police following a catastrophic event involving Daniel’s newfound telekinetic abilities. Sean is technically the protagonist, the playable character, but in my mind the two come as a pair. They’re trying to get from a Seattle Suburb to Mexico, where they have family. Sean very suddenly becomes responsible for everything Daniel, from his growing power to his safety, shelter, and wellbeing. Along the way, they meet some great new friends (and even an old one you’ll remember from Life is Strange) and get themselves out of dangerous situations.

Developed by Dontnod – no, sorry, it recently changed its name to Don’t Nod – and published by Square Enix, Life is Strange 2 will be released in its entirety for Nintendo Switch on February 2. It is currently available for PC/Mac/Linux via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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