Now we have a trailer for Dokapon Kingdom: Connect

This looks like so much fun.

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Digitally Downloaded covers the first trailer for board game/JRPG hybrid, Dokapon Kingdom: Connect. Coming to Nintendo Switch.

Just a couple of days ago the news broke that Spike and Compile Heart were collaborating to bring a PS2 and Wii “classic”, Dokapon Kingdom, to Nintendo Switch. This game, titled Dokapon Kingdom: Connect now has online play, but is otherwise the game that a small niche absolutely loved.

Now there’s a trailer, and while it is in Japanese, you’ll get a better sense of how this board game/JRPG plays. It looks really good! You spin a spinner, move spaces on a board, fight enemies and collect loot. Monopoly with Dragon Quest. The Game Of Life crossed with Final Fantasy.

It will no doubt be a niche game again. Digital board games are great, but they don’t generally send the sales charts alight. Still, as someone that still plays Boom Street/Fortune Street on the Wii, and has every digital board game released on the Switch so far, I’ll certainly be grabbing this if it gets a western release.

It lands in Japan on April 13.

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