The Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection certainly looks comprehensive

Our nostalgia sense is tingling...

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Digitally Downloaded reports on the new Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection

Bliss Brain a recently founded Japanese video game development studio, has partnered with ININ and Strictly Limited to prepare a real treat for Wonder Boy fans.

The Wonder Boy series has long been regarded for being one of the better platformer series out there – and one that puts relatively few feet wrong, meaning that this collection has minimal filler. It spans the breadth of six of the series’ most popular titles (Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, Wonder Boy The Dragon’s Trap, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and Wonder Boy in Monster World IV), and gives you multiple variations of those games, so you compare the different takes – there are twenty-one different versions in total!

In this anniversary edition, the games’ most core premises, pixel art style, and classic chiptune audio have been lovingly retained. Meanwhile, other features have been specially added to give fans a real celebration of their favourite series, including an art gallery, shaders, the quintessential rewind feature found in practically every retro game collection, and more.

The collection will be released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch early next year (January 26), though if you’re looking for an edition that is a little bit extra, you can currently pick up a physical edition pre-order from Strictly Limited Games (but as that company’s very name suggests, copies are limited).

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