A new Infinity Nikki music video is going to make you fall in love

She's so pretty!

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Infinity Nikki Music Video Trailer

A new trailer and music video for Infinity Nikki has been released by developer, Papergames. The trailer is entitled “Nikki and the God of Beautiful Dreams,” while the music video is entitled “Bloom Up.” That song is being performed by the voice actor behind Nikki (Kana Hanazawa).

For those who haven’t yet followed the new Infinity Nikki is a genuinely intriguing project. It’s an “open world dress-up simulator”. We don’t really know how the open world stuff will impact on the gameplay, but the idea of travelling around the world collecting cute dresses (and swimsuits? please be swimsuits) is appealing. It’ll be nice to take a break from the murder sims of most open world games.

And Infinity Nikki looks absolutely gorgeous. The art direction in this thing alone suggests that the developers are putting a lot of effort into making it a game where you really will want to play dress-ups.

The game is in development for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile platforms.

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