Endling: Extinction is Forever is now available on current-gen consoles!

Good games are good art.

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Planet earth isn’t in its best state right now. Coal production is practically at an all-time high, and the only thing looking hot is the global average temperature, which are rapidly approaching catastrophic levels. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the consequences of humanity’s impact on the world is a subject for video games.

Endling: Extinction is Forever is a classic example of a good combination of good choices in development, all put together to help convey the message it’s sharing. Herobeat Studios, the indie developer studio responsible for this title in conjunction with HandyGames, the publisher, had put together the simplicity of a low-poly aesthetic with a well-detailed atmosphere and succinct storyline – a sort of union of principles we should be at least familiarised with.

The plot itself follows the last foxes in the world in their desperate effort to survive the plague of humanity, a reality we could truly possibly face in these coming years for many species. The game utilises a fragmented sense of morals and ethics, you’ll be forced out of your comfort zone and make difficult decisions to ensure above all else the safety of your young. Find shelters to brave the coming storms, differentiate animals between those that may be hunters and those that may be hunted, and feed your young to teach them a variety of skills to make your job of protecting them easier.

Constantly orbiting your gameplay throughout, however, is the intended message of it all. The world around you is bleak, apocalyptic, and decaying. There’s little hope for you and your fox family, but nevertheless, you have to traverse through this treachery that could have been so easily avoided.

Endling: Extinction Forever was made available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam) back in July of this year, but has been made available today for the PS5 and Xbox Series – and as an added bonus, if you owned a copy of the game on a previous-gen console, you can upgrade for no added cost! This is a game that everyone should play, so the more platforms it is on, the better.

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