Blacktail looks set to be the fascinating game of December

Eastern Europe forests are spooky.

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Blacktail Game Has A Release Date December

The Parasight is a name you mightn’t be familiar with in the game development scene, and you’d be completely forgiven for that. It’s a newly-founded indie developer out of Poland, and it’s gearing up for its first big release in Blacktail. We now know that it’s set for a release in December.

Blacktail is set within the bounds of Eastern-European folklore and fairy tales. It follows the story of Yaga, an adolescent girl who has been branded as a witch, exiled, and forced to face her dark memories alone. The game is made complete with an almost cartoonish, fairy tale art style, combining the eeriness of a stirring night beneath the white glow of an obtuse crescent moon and stars, ripped right out of a children’s storybook.

In addition to the combat, which features a balance of sorcery and archery, you’ll have to forage for supplies to craft your elixir potions and arrows, based on a collect-to-unlock recipe system that expands as your playthrough progresses. But above all, an integral feature has been in the game, is the morality system. Your actions and interactions with the forest’s many inhabitants affect how they perceive you, as well as their general lives – so you’ll need to pick your decisions carefully.

Blacktail looks like it could be one of those top-flight indie releases (though with a major publisher it’s not exactly a typical indie game either), and will be made available on the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC (via Steam) on December 15. Just in time for your Christmas gaming.

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