Monday night stream: Check out the first hour of Star Ocean The Second Story

Take a journey to the stars and... discover that aliens also eat pie.

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Star Ocean Stream

Given that it’s Star Ocean week (yes, a new Star Ocean!) I figured we’d dip into the history of the series for this week’s stream. I love the Star Ocean series, but I’ve never actually played the second one (the only one in the series that I have yet to play!).

With Square Enix about to release a new one, I thought that now would be a perfect time to dig into this PlayStation One classic and see how it holds up today.

As it turns out, it is super-heavy on the narrative up front. This stream is all narrative and not a moment of combat! I’ll do another stream to showcase how the game actually plays, but check this out to get a sense for how one of the most respected Star Ocean games of all sets itself up.

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