ICYMI: We got hands-on time with Tactics Ogre Reborn!

The veteran is back!

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The embargo for our Tactics Ogre Reborn hands-on preview lifted late on Friday night, so we didn’t have time to do an article for it here (we were off celebrating our IT Journo Lizzies Award win). However, this game is absolutely amazing, and Tactics Ogre is FINALLY back! One of the all-time great tactics JRPGs, and indeed the game that is arguably more responsible for us having the genre than any, is finally getting a “new” release.

Yes, it’s a remake of a remake, but perhaps it’s a sign of things to come. In this preview video, we take you through the first level and give you a sense of how the game plays. I also chat about why this game means so much to me, and what it might mean for this often-overlooked property in the future.

So, in case you missed the video over on our YouTube channel, here ya go:

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