Countryside Japanese farming is back… and no, it’s not Harvest Moon!

It's a simple life for me.

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Oh, to be a quaint farmer living a rural Japanese life. If only there were a recently announced upcoming title to emulate these wholesome wishes of mine…

There is? That’s right! Welcome to Hakoniwa Bokujou Hitsuji, the most recently announced farming simulator project by SUCCESS Corporation, and the ninth iteration in the Hitsuji Mura series!

If “farming simulator” doesn’t mean much more than Harvest Moon to you, Hitsuji Mura could perhaps be described as the hardcore version of that series, with no exploration or any other unnecessary padding, just classic, calming farming!

The original iteration of this series had released way back for the PS2 in December 2003, and despite the original choice of platform, every following title since had built its reputation in the mobile gaming market, ranging from the Nintendo DS to iOS and Android devices.

Hakoniwa Bokujou will be heavily based on the previous Youkoso Hitsuji Mura Portable, released back in 2009, showcasing all-new high-resolution graphics and a 1280×720 resolution, as well as versatile and fluid camera controls and mechanics. This new game will be exclusive to Switch (at least for now), and in addition to all of this, a bunch of quality-of-life changes, additional item slots, and an item target marker has been added. These were all made following feedback from previous titles, so this game should be very much in line with the game fans wanted most.

If you’re interested in picking up Hakoniwa Bokujou Hitsuji Mura, you can learn more from today’s gameplay trailer. The game will be released on November 10, and while it will only launch with Japanese language support, we are promised that the game will get an English update down the line. Don’t let us down on this one, SUCCESS!


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