Bushiroad’s next card fighting game is releasing this November

Love slammin' down some cards.

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The Japanese do love their collectible card games, and have several very popular properties that have translated well to video games. Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days, the topic of today’s conversation, is the next one in line for a big new release.

The next entry in this series of popular card games is due on November 17, and will release on Steam for PC and the Switch.

The game will feature two separate game modes, giving players the choice between online play with in-game and online deck recipes, and single-player, which will be supplemented by an all-new original story, and a supposedly easy-to-follow tutorial sequence. Together this should allow for both returning Cardfight!! Vanguard fans and newcomers alike to enjoy what’s on offer – the single player will be the intro and then online play will be for the dedicated.

With an extensive roster of fleshed-out characters and over 1000 cards to choose from, I’m sure that it’ll be a cherry on top of the Bushiroad cake to hear that we’ll be getting full English localisation, so local fans will be able to drop into it.

There’s also a new trailer to whet your appetite. It’s entirely in Japanese, but despite this language barrier, the two-minute trailer reveals some information about both character development and card-play tactics, with the added bonus of being able to admire the game’s exceptional artwork.


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