LAST CHANCE! Want an awesome custom Cult of the Lamb controller? We have one to give away!

Win a fuzzy!

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If you haven’t got your entry in yet, do it ASAP – the competition closes on FRIDAY, Australian time!

It’s fuzzy, it’s cute, and it’s the perfect match for the most adorable cult simulator you’re ever going to play. Thanks to We Are Robots and Devolver Digital, we have a rare, custom PlayStation 5 controller to give away!

As befits the title Cult of the Lamb, this controller has a wooly fleece on either side, which may or may not help with grip but is guaranteed to keep your hands warm as you play. In addition, you’ll notice the very sheep-like eyes on the control sticks, and that big red eye on the touch-pad. That’s not going to be distracting as you play. Oh no…

Anyhow, this is a truly awesome competition and thanks to all for allowing one of DDNet’s readers to win one of these money-can’t-buy prizes. To get your hands on this controller, all you’ve got to do is drop into the comments below, or leave us a Twitter message with the #DDNetLambyComp hashtag (tag @mattsainsb) to tell us which cult is the best cult. It could be the Cult of Hatune Miku (I am the high priest of that cult, after all). It could be Dee Dee (which I guess I’m also the high priest of?). It could be lambs… if you want to suck up to Devolver Digital and We Are Robots. The response that either inspires us or weirds us out the most will win.

Oh, and make sure you’re a subscriber to the newsletter so we can reach you if you’re the winner (click here to subscribe).

Oh, and if you’re not a winner of the controller itself, we do also have three codes for the game to give away as a consolation prize, so there’s even more reason to enter!

Best of luck, and thanks as always for reading and supporting DDNet!

Matt S. is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of DDNet. He's been writing about games for over 20 years, including a book, but is perhaps best-known for being the high priest of the Church of Hatsune Miku.

  • The grand cult of homosexuality. Powerful and extremely well-organized (lmao), this group can summon a feeling of pride or horror from within in a person based on their worldview.

        • Haha. Understood, understood! Sorry. I think it was the “salvation” in your username that threw me off a little.

          I’m gonna vote for the Eyes Wide Shut Cult. I think my reasons should be VERY obvious. 🙏😂

  • I am the leader of the Cult of the PlayStation Portable. We believe in the greatest portable console of all time!

  • Ooh, I can think of several cults I’d rather not join (who can define what “the best cult” means, anyway?). Off the top of my head, we have:
    1. The Cult of the Orange: Say what you say, it’s extremely popular in the USA. If half the people in this cult would play good games, Massive Monster would become billionaires.
    2. The Cult of the Fox: Or, as it’s referred to in Australia, the cult of the Sky. Again, it’s not exactly the best cult, but I’d argue it’s the most politically powerful cult in Australia (and carries a lot of power in the USA and the UK). If you want to be the king maker, that’s a must cult for you to join!
    3. Looking at the gaming world, I’d join the Cult of Duty right away if it existed. This cult would be all about turning first person shooters (and, first and foremost, Call of Duty) into thoughtful and meaningful experiences rather than the mind numbing propaganda they are.

    I do apologise for my bleakness/sarcasm, but I hope you’d appreciate the honesty 😇

  • Hey DD, it would be great if you could let us know when the competition’s deadline is. I need to know when to give up and buy the game…

    • My apologies. I did forget to include that detail. Entries will close this Friday with the winners being announced in the newsletter. Sorry!

      • Thanks!
        Which more or less forces me to offer yet another cult, the Cult of the Impatient: this is the cult for those of us who played Adventure Pals and Never Give Up, and are now suffering as we wait for Cult of the Lamb despite it being out already. An elite club of DD readers who are also into Massive Monster’s games!
        In case it earns me extra brownie points, I’ll mention I bought these 2 games several times (PC + Switch, but also as gifts for friends). Giving the gift of a good game is always an excellent thing to do.

  • #DDNetLambyComp The best cult is the cult of never commenting on anything unless there is the possibility of a physical reward.

  • While I’m sure many cults are a joy to count yourself a member of, I personally get the most satisfaction out of being a member of the Order for Oxford Comma Erasure.

    This dastardly punctuation is a friend to no one’s eyes and a scourge on all forms of text. Sadly, our work has somehow sped the transition to emojis as commonplace text; nonetheless, our watch must continue.

    • Wow I missed the last newsletter apparently! I actually won a copy of the game. That’s the prize I was hoping for! 🥳🥳 Thanks matt and ddnet!

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