Kirby’s Dream Buffet launches in less than a week

Munch munch crunch crunch!

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Announced a mere month ago, Kirby’s Dream Buffet basically came out of nowhere, and very little information was actually revealed. Today, Nintendo released a new overview trailer that explains the game more thoroughly, from game modes to customization options. It reminds me a bit of Mario Party, just with colourful Kirbys whose goal is always to eat as much as possible. In addition to the new trailer, a release date was announced!

In the game, players will bump, battle, and boost through a smorgasbord of food-themed stages on their way to sweet, sweet victory. There are four “types of fun,” as Nintendo describes it. Kirby’s Dream Buffet can be played by up to four players, locally or online. Two players are also able to play on a single Switch console using one Joy-Con each. Here’s the latest trailer explaining the modes and more:

In Gourmet Grand Prix, race across obstacle courses to collect strawberries, making Kirby plump up bit by bit. The course is like a fruity, free-floating platform. There is a minigame to play in the bonus stage between races. In Race, players roll through food-themed courses collecting strawberries as well as Copy Foods. Extra strawberries can be earned during cake goals, which happens at the end of races. As I mentioned just a bit ago, Minigame is what happens between races. Player compete to gather as many strawberries as possible during a time limit. Finally, Battle Royale, AKA the final confrontation. Knock opponents off the stage to steal their strawberries. Use the Copy Food Abilities while battling it out to see which Kirby wins by getting the plumpest.

Kirbys are customizable. They can wear costumes, their colour can be changed, and they can be topped with goodies like whipped cream. In the trailer, a mint-colour Kirby is shown – it’s my favourite, it looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

Developed by HAL Laboratories and published by Nintendo, Kirby’s Dream Buffet will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 17. It is a digital exclusive.


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