August 2022 Podcast: How to make a game-based TV show that doesn’t suck! Also, we <3 short games!

Resident Evil deserves better than that TV series, for reals.

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Digitally Uploaded Podcast

A couple of us on the podcast made the terrible mistake of watching the new Resident Evil television series recently. It really was a mistake – don’t do it to yourselves – but in watching that we realised that there was a good discussion in there about what motivates these TV/film adaptations of video games, and why are they rarely any good?

In addition, we chat about the ongoing discourse around short games. Stray really did kick off a new round of that, but on the podcast, we take a broader video on the topic, and try and define the role that length has in video games versus the role that it should have.

Naturally, we also lay out all the big game releases for the month ahead, and it’s going to be a big one… though whether there’s much there that will be truly essential while we’re all still working through Xenoblade Chronicles 3 remains to be seen.

Thanks as always for tuning in, everyone!


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