New combat is coming to Sword and Fairy: Together Forever

Real-time combat makes its franchise debut!

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Promotional Artwork for Sword and Fairy: Together Forever. It includes the logo at the top centre, surround by four characters. Two have sword, one has a bow, and one appears to be doing magic.

The launch date for Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is imminent; we’ll have our hands on the western console version within a month! The game is the seventh in a 26-year-old RPG franchise from China. Think Final Fantasy but with a blend of ancient mythology and traditional Chinese aethestics. Sword and Fairy: Together Forever changes up the series’ combat gameplay, and to show it off there’s a brand new trailer.

The game’s narrative is woven between three clans: Human, Deity, and Demon. The story does allow for new and returning players to enjoy it, regardless of which games (if any) in the series they’ve played in the past. Control a memorable party of characters with unique traits to shape the future. Sword and Fairy: Together Forever introduces real-time combat mechanics to the franchise. The trailer shows off these mechanics, as well as magic spells, skill progression, and countering enemy attacks.

In the past, the Sword and Fairy games have used turn-based mechanics in combat. Now, for me, turn-based combat to real-time combat is generally a step down; I don’t even play the newer Final Fantasy games for that reason. However, the real-time combat mechanics in Sword and Fairy: Together Forever seem quite reasonable and I’m excited to try it out. Enemies are visible on the field, so players can choose to attack or avoid them. Each party member has their own skills, and an element can be assigned to them to help customize and balance the team. Players can swap between party members in real-time.

Boss battles can be tough. They require quick-thinking and hella strategy, and utilizes quick-time events so the player can inflict bonus damage in a very cinematic style. Precise evasion slows down time for a bit, leaving the enemy open to counter-attacks. Combined with intuitive controls, this gameplay could be a massive leap forward for the series.

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Developed by Softstar Technology and published in the west by eastasiasoft, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever will be released for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in North America, Europe, and Australia and August 4. It is currently available for PC via Steam as Sword and Fairy 7. The console version of the game features four exclusive outfits and a weapon appearance that isn’t included with the original PC release. The August 4 date is a digital launch, and information on physical copies will be available at a later date.


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